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Enchanting Liang Beach

April 12, 2019

Liang Beach is a beach located in Liang, Salahutu, Maluku Province. This beach is located 40 km from downtown Ambon. Liang Beach or better known by the residents of Maluku with the name of the beach of Huaimua has a stretch of white sand that is combined with clear blue water. So that makes this […]

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Natural Beauty Of The Beach Of Ora

January 11, 2019

    Indonesia is famous for its natural beauty, as an archipelago, Indonesia has many beautiful beaches, one of which is the beach of Ora. Ora Beach is one of the world’s paradise located north of Seram Island, Central Moluccas. Precisely at the western end of Sawai Bay and located next to the village of […]

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The Charm Of The Beauty Of The Bair Island “Small Paradise” In Maluku

December 9, 2018

  source:link     Indonesia has many islands that are very potential and always crowded by tourists, one of which is Bair Island in the southeastern Tual Maluku city. Bair Island is a small paradise in eastern Indonesia and an archipelago that is still very well preserved. Bair Island is one of a group of islands […]

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