North Sumatra

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The Beauty of the linting lake

May 5, 2019

North Sumatra is famous for its natural mountain and lake tourism. The famous lake to foreign countries is Lake Toba. In North Sumatra there is still a beautiful lake and is famous for its uniqueness, the linting lake. Unlike Toba Lake, Linting Lake is not well known by tourists. The natural beauty of the linting […]

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Natural Pool Aek Manik

April 22, 2019

North Sumatra, Indonesia saves a lot of hidden natural tourist destinations, from the toba lake which is very famous in the world, to the stunning high-rise white crater tourist destinations. There is a new natural tourist destination that is starting to be visited by tourists in North Sumatra, namely the natural pool of aek manik. […]

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The Beauty of The Mursala Island

March 31, 2019

source:link Mursala Island is one of the best islands in Indonesia, located in Barus sub-district, Central Tapanuli District, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. with an area of ​​around 8000 ha and a population of around tens of family heads. The island has a natural panorama and the lives of local people that are unique to know. […]

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Vacation on Sibaranun Island

March 31, 2019

Sibaranun Island is an island located in the sub-island of rocks, southern nias, northern Sumatra, on this island There is only one village. Sibaranun island with white sand and high waves is a favorite place for foreign tourists to come to visit, especially pro surfers. source:link Sibaranun Island which is one of the small islands […]

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The Beauty Of The Tello Island

March 30, 2019

Tello Island is one of the tourist destinations in the sub-district of Batu – Batu Island, South Nias Regency, North Sumatra Province. The island is very remote, because the island of Tello is a group of nias islands. The population on this island is around 8000 people with an area of ​​18 km. source:link Tourists […]

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The Natural Beauty Of Two-Color Waterfalls

December 31, 2018

  source:link     The wealth of the island of Sumatra is endless to discuss, its exotic nature continues to offer beautiful places to visit. Like a two-color waterfall which is one of the beautiful natural attractions in North Sumatra.     The two-color waterfall is located in Sibolangit sub-district, Durin Sirugun village, Deli Serdang […]

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Enchantment of Nias Island

December 15, 2018

  source:link Nias Island is one of the islands that has become a destination for tourists, the uniqueness of this island is the main target for tourists and is able to leave a good impression so tourists who have visited always want to enjoy the island again. Many tourist objects owned by Nias Island, as […]

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The Beauty of Lake Toba

November 1, 2018

     Lake Toba is the largest natural lake in Indonesia, the lake formed by volcanic eruptions hundreds of millions of years ago is the largest lake in Southeast Asia, with a length of 100 km, a width of 30 km, and a depth of 505 m. Right in the middle of the lake there is a island that is very […]

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