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Kalibiru’s hidden paradise

Enchantment of Raja Ampat located in West Papua is endless, a row of islands and the sea is very beautiful, able to captivate the hearts of tourists who come to visit. Besides that beauty. there are still many hidden beauties in West Papua, one of which is Kalibiru. source:link Kalibiru …

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The Beauty Of The Beach Of Bosnik

source:link Eastern Indonesia has always presented enchanting natural beauty, some tourist destinations, especially the beaches, are still very beautiful and natural. Because there aren’t many tourists visiting. One of them is Bosnik beach or another name is Segara Indah beach. Bosnik Beach is located on the east side of the …

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Lorentz National Park

source:link As a region in the eastern part of Indonesia, Papua is one of the regions that has tremendous tourism potential. Not only the Raja ampat, Papua also still has a variety of other natural wealth that is no less fascinating. Like Lorentz National Park, it is also a pride …

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